Expanding Defence manufacturing base in MP

Review of Ordnance Factories indian bureaucracy
Review of Ordnance Factories indian bureaucracy

A proposal to expand manufacturing base in the defence establishment including manufacturing arms, wheels etc. In Jabalpur as it has a very large area engaged in ordnance manufacturing and therefore, Madhya Pradesh has immense potential in that area. The following Ordnance Factories located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh have undertaken productionisation of certain defence items, the details of which are enumerated below:

•    Gun Carriage Factory (GCF):  GCF has been identified to manufacture and assemble 155mm x 45 Cal Gun ‘Dhanush’.  An indent of 114 Guns has already been placed on OFB.
•    Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ):  VFJ has developed 4 x 4   Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) to meet the requirement of Army and Ministry of Home Affairs.  VFJ is also involved in development and production of 6 x 6  Modernized Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV).
•    In Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK), new products like 125mm FSAPDS Tank Ammunition, 84mm HEAT 751 (with tandem warhead), HEDP 502 & Smoke 469C, Pre-fragmented Air Bombs etc. are being productionised at OFK, Jabalpur.

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