Welfare of Sanitation workers


In order to provide social security benefits to the workers in the unorganised sector including sanitation workers, the Government has enacted the Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008. This Act stipulates formulation of suitable welfare schemes for unorganised workers on matters relating to: (i) life and disability cover, (ii) health and maternity benefits, (iii) old age protection and (iv) any other benefit as may be determined by the Central Government through the National Social Security Board.

The Government implements Sanitation Workers Rehabilitation Scheme, Under this scheme a term loan is provided through State Channelizing Agencies, Regional Rural Banks and Nationalized Banks to the target group who are doing sewerage/drainage work in unhygienic working conditions to do the cleaning work mechanically instead of manually for purchase of various sanitation based equipments like Vacuum Loader, Garbage Disposal Vehicles, Suction Machine and Pay & Use Toilet for doing sewerage/cleaning work mechanically & other sanitation related income generating activities etc

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