Rio Olympics & HDM20 Corp to work for Water Treatment Solution to Protect Athletes from Zika Larvae & Other Viruses

Rio Olympics 2016-indianbureaucracy
Rio Olympics 2016-indianbureaucracy

HDM20 Corp has successfully verified its mineral product’s efficacy on the water from Guanabara Bay and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio by University labs – Universidade Feevale. The tests proved extremely efficient in eliminating the adenovirus concerns by athletes and the Olympic committees in the sport related water locations. Confirmed test results are available for review. The executive team and founder of the company will travel to Brazil to complete the geographic and feasibility study for application during the Olympics in August or sooner based on funding. The team will also examine the sunken street drainage to see if pooling of contaminated and stagnant water may be collecting there as well and treatable to keep the spectators safe from the pollutants and mosquito larvae. In addition, the run offs to the open waters in the bay may be of concern and treatable by the HDM20 product. The product immediately boosts the pH of the water and eradicates the viruses as the mineral sinks and settles.

HDM20 Corp has the only known product of its type which is patented for embodiment in certain applications as well as for many treatments of germ, disease and fungus cleansing. The company has been selling its product through licensee agreements across North America, Central America, Europe, India and Asian markets. The company can start with the Rio Guanabara Bay and Freitas Lagoon treatment of the water both before and during the water events throughout the Olympic activities to keep the athletes safe. The financial requirements are expected to be less than 1% of the current estimated budget or less than a cup of coffee each day of the games for the estimated 1 million spectators. HDM20 also plans to sell its lumber treatment, the sun block / insect repellent, cleaner and paint additives as well as the agriculture remedy throughout Brazil and surrounding countries through newly developed licensing arrangements.

“We decided to work on a very scaled down version for the Olympic project to help manage costs,” said John MacDonald of HDM20 Corp. Donald Meade, Founder of HDM20 Corp. stated, “HDM20 will be applied to surrounding water run offs during the length of the Olympics to stay within a set budget. It is the least we could do ensure the safety of all athletes during the event.”

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