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PM Modi inaugurates 141st IOC Session in Mumbai

IOC Session

IOC Session

On October 15, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Mumbai. This session serves as a crucial meeting of IOC members where important decisions regarding the future of the Olympic Games are made.

During his address, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of hosting the IOC session in India after a gap of 40 years. He congratulated Team Bharat on their historic victory in a Cricket World Cup fixture at the world’s largest stadium in Ahmedabad.

The Prime Minister highlighted the deep-rooted connection of sports with India’s culture and lifestyle, emphasizing that sports have been an integral part of the country’s history. He mentioned the rich sporting legacy reflected in ancient scriptures, including proficiency in various sports mentioned in texts like ‘Dhanur Veda Samhita.’

Providing scientific evidence of India’s ancient sporting legacy, Prime Minister Modi referred to archaeological findings at the Dholavira UNESCO World Heritage site, where the excavation revealed the presence of the world’s oldest and largest stadium.

He emphasized the universal language and spirit of sports, stating, “There are no losers in sports, only winners and learners.” The Prime Minister highlighted India’s recent measures for sports development, including initiatives like Khelo India Games, Khelo India Youth Games, Khelo India Winter Games, and Member of Parliament sports competitions.

Prime Minister Modi credited the government’s efforts for India’s remarkable performance in the sports arena, pointing out achievements in the Olympics, Asian Games, and World University Games. He highlighted India’s successful organization of global sports tournaments like the Chess Olympiad, Football Under-17 Women’s World Cup, Hockey World Cup, Women’s World Boxing Championship, Shooting World Cup, and the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Expressing confidence in India’s organizing capacity, Prime Minister Modi stated that the country is eager to host the Olympics in 2036, with the dream of 140 crore Indians. He also expressed India’s eagerness to host the Youth Olympics in 2029, seeking continued support from the International Olympic Committee.

The 141st IOC Session in Mumbai brought together IOC members, international sports personalities, representatives from various sports federations, and prominent Indian sports figures. The event reflects India’s commitment to fostering global cooperation, celebrating sporting excellence, and promoting the Olympic ideals of friendship, respect, and excellence.

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