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Green Pathway to Development

Pandurang Hegde -indianbureaucracy

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has initiated several measures in past three years towards achieving sustainable development through green pathway.


Adhering to the objectives of the National Forrest Policy the MoEFFC has set out the road map to increase the forest cover to 33 percent of the geographical area. Green… Read More

Creating an enabling environment for banking sector

Anjan Roy -indianbureaucracy

The Indian banking scene has undergone a sea change in the last couple of years which can be said to have given us an augmented financial reality. The changes have been in three main directions, though there have been some parallel enabling developments as well. The cumulative and combined impact of these would work out over years to strengthen the financial … Read More

Ruler is above suspicion Ujjwala to Ujala – brightening up the hinterland

Shivaji Sarkar-indian bureaucracy

Three years of Narendra Modi-led NDA government has a unique record. It is scam free.So far it has been difficult for fault-finder to spot a taint.Managing one of the world’s largest governing system is not easy. But the resolve to bring probity in the system has apparently paid.

Various steps of the government have put the scamsters in a tight spot. A number… Read More

India’s Sustained Trade Reforms under Modi Government

K R Sudhaman-indian bureaucracy

It goes to the credit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government for bringing about a turn-around in India’s export through sustained trade reforms during the last three years in spite of adverse global economic situation. India is among the few emerging economies, which had escaped the worst of the adverse external environment. This global downturn resulted… Read More

Knowledge-Economy set to sharpen its Skills’ set

G.Srinivasan -indian bureaucracy

India today is in the sweet spot of relishing its demographic dividends with the large swathe of its youthful populace getting ready to reshape the contours of its services-oriented economy.  For this to happen without any huge hitch, a modern, vibrant and competitive workforce is a pre-requisite for ensuring productivity of its human factor endowment … Read More

India takes giant leap on Green Energy Targets

Neeraj Bajpai-indian bureaucracy

In a decisive move to accomplish twin objective of safeguarding climate and tapping renewable energy resources to meet growing demands for power supply, the Narendra Modi Government, during its first three years of governance, has carried forward its commitment of Green Energy, initiating largest ever renewable energy production plans.

In tune with India’s… Read More

Science in Public Catchment

Ratnadeep Banerji-indian bureaucracy

The Ministry of Science and Technology has embarked on bringing prompt benefits to the society with its three-pronged approach of fostering scientific innovation, bringing in interdepartmental coordination, and handholding to start-ups to pave way for ushering technological transfers for commercialization. Last three years has seen a concerted action… Read More

South Asian Satellite to boost regional communication

K V Venkatasubramanian-indian bureaucracy

India’s successful launch of the first-ever South Asia Satellite (SAS) to boost communication and improve disaster links among its six neighbours has “opened up new horizons of engagement” in the region and helped it carve a unique place for itself in space diplomacy.

Projecting the 2,230-kg communication spacecraft as India’s “priceless… Read More

Reform, Perform and Transform

Vinod Behl-indian Bureaucracy

The three- year term of Modi government is marked by its commitment of ensuring development for all through its progressive approach of ‘Reform, Perform & Transform’, putting an end to years of policy paralysis, through good governance.

Fully realizing that urban development by way of boosting real estate, housing and infrastructure,… Read More

Flagship schemes firing up aspiration among masses


A review of the flagship schemes of the NDA Government, as it completes three years in office, throws a crucial common denominator in the form of a citizen who rightfully finds himself or herself among the top claimants on the national resources. And why not? After all, it is the bottom of the pyramid which had not really reaped the fruits of the development… Read More

Healthcare has a new vision for all

K V Venkatasubramanian-indian bureaucracy

India has made remarkable progress in healthcare; the nation is much healthier today. Several diseases including polio, smallpox and guinea worm have been eradicated successfully. Besides, there is a sharp reduction in IMR (infant mortality rate), MMR (maternal mortality ratio), low mortality due to TB and malaria and significant decrease in HIV infections… Read More

Changing face of Indian Railways

K R Sudhaman-indian bureaucracy

There is usually some romanticism and development associated with Indian Railways and every child particularly in rural India is filled with joy and emotion on seeing a train or engine. Rightly Indian Railways have been engine of growth and formed the backbone of the country’s economic development.  It is therefore critically important that its growth… Read More