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Women empowerment for a new decade

Mesmerized and awestruck, I looked at the idol of Durga (Goddess of Power for the Hindus), decked up on a public platform, during the annual Indian festival of Dussehra. Hundreds of people are looking at the deity with folded hands. She looked like the ultimate symbol of empowerment having 10 hands, holding very effective weapons and confidently slaying the… Read More

Experiencing acidity in office ? Don’t ignore it may lead to complex acid peptic disease !

Experiencing acidity in office

Do you experience acidity during office hours? Don’t ignore as it may lead to other complex acid peptic disease!

Acid reflux or commonly known as acidity is a common condition that features indigestion, a burning pain or sensation known as heartburn especially around the lower chest area. Some people may experience bit of pain with acidity and others may not.… Read More

How exercise helps busting office stress?

How exercise helps busting office stress

We all have been victims of office stress and this stress seems never ending. Daily targets/deadlines, meetings, presentations, reviews etc. has become a custom of our daily office lives and it certainly increases stress levels. Also, travelling or driving your own vehicle adds to stress especially if it’s metro city traffic. So, since early morning till… Read More

Environmental Conditions faced by Army Equipments

The Present Day Battlefield: Let us imagine the battle field. In the modern day battlefield, there will be foot soldiers moving, vehicles, tanks, wheeled equipment, tracked equipment moving at different speeds, helicopters hovering and flying, fighter aircraft flying, diving and releasing their bombs. Ammunition being fired by infantry soldiers, … Read More

Addicted to coffee at workplace | Understand do’s and don’ts

Majority of office dwellers find it absolutely impossible to get through their day without consuming caffeine though the form of intake may differ from person to person like black coffee, milk coffee, caffeinated beverages etc.

But why office goers love caffeine so much?

Late evening, still in office because you need to make a very important presentation … Read More

Big opportunity for India in possible shifting out of manufacturing & exports from China

Mithileshwar Thakur_IRS ME_indianbureaucracy_Data Security

India is always projected as a potential winner in every conceivable business relocation opportunity but it is just that. The so-called-potential never gets translated into reality, thanks to built-in lethargy and indifference in our system.

Credit Suisse has hinted at possible relocation of Chinese industries on account of shrinking Chinese manufacturingRead More

How to manage water intake | Ask an Expert

How to manage water intake

How to manage your daily water intake during office hours?: Water is essential for our health and we all are aware of it too. Water helps in many bodily functions such as digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature making it one of the most important nutrients required by our body.… Read More

Desk Job with Sedentary Lifestyle = Muscular Degeneration, How to fight it !!

Desk Job with Sedentary Lifestyle = Muscular Degeneration | How to fight it out !!

Desk job combined with sedentary lifestyle can lead to muscular degeneration!

Muscle mass is one of the most precious thing in our body, muscle helps us perform our daily routine tasks whether it’s walking, climbing staircase, lifting something up from the floor etc. It’s really hard to actually gain the lost muscle mass (if you have a sedentary lifestyle) … Read More

Territorial Army – An Option For The Enthusiast And The Professionals

Territorial Army

Territorial Army(TA) for The Enthusiast

There are a large number of youth who are disappointed on not being able to join the armed forces as a career or have a burning desire to be a part of the uniform at a later stage in life ie, once they are settled into their respective careers. The Territorial Army presents just the kind of opportunity for them. While for jawans,… Read More

Alcohol- is it Good or is it Good !!

Fitness article - Alcohol

Do rise of office drinking culture leading to weight-gain and other lifestyle induced diseases?

Highly stressful jobs, family or relationship issues, career goals, lot of travelling, long working hours etc., we all have experienced or still going through such situations in our life at some point of time. Thus, alcohol becomes an easy escape for all of us. … Read More

Just what you wanted to know | All about THE INFANTRY

The Infantry

Only the Infantry and Armour can gain ground. Only the Infantry can hold it alone.” “Infantry is the Queen of the battle.”

Background : Infantry is a military specialization that engages in military combat on foot, distinguished from cavalry, artillery, and tank forces. Also known as foot soldiers, infantry traditionally relies on moving by foot between… Read More