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Paradigm shift in Governance

Dilip Kumar Bisoi

The Nation has witnessed a paradigm shift in governance in the three years of Narendra Modi Government. Policy statements laced with highly reformative decisions have changed the mood of the nation for development and growth. Prime Minister Modi has pushed through a slew of reforms to bail out the country’s economy from a state of policy paralysis.

The NDA… Read More

Grievance Redressal System revolutionized through CPGRAMS

Amitabh Shukla

For the last several decades several changes have been brought about to improve transparency in the functioning of the government and bring accountability.  Cumulatively, these have helped the common man find his groove in a maze of laws and indifference of the lower bureaucracy and the response time for the solution of his or her grievance has improved significantly.… Read More

Recognizing teachers as nation builders

September 5 is observed as Teachers’ Day in honour of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975), the second President of India, who was born on that day. But how did it get instituted? Dr. Radhakrishnan’s 75th birthday on September 5, 1962 came within weeks of his being elevated to the President’s post. He was flooded with felicitations from home and … Read More

Financial Inclusion in Rising India

Arjun Ram Meghwal

I dream of a digital India where mobile & e-banking ensures Financial Inclusion”- Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

“Financial Inclusion” is the way the Governments strive to take the common man along by bringing them into the formal channel of economy thereby ensuring that even the person standing in the last is not left out from the benefits… Read More

Progress for Divyangjans during the last 3 years

Thaawarchand Gehlot

Constitution of India guarantees rights of freedom to all citizens including Divyangjan with regard to freedom, equality, and justice. But in reality, Divyangjan are facing stigma, discrimination, and neglect due to socio-psychological and cultural reasons. Disability, when compounded with discrimination, doubles the quantum of disability. … Read More

Swachch Bharat | Gandhi’s obsession, Modi’s passion

Smera Chawla

During a recent visit to the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad where a photo gallery vividly depicts the ideology and life style of Mahatma Gandhi, my thoughts went around to connect the Father of Nation with an independent and clean India.   The Ashram serves as a source of inspiration for we, young Indians, from the life of a Mahatma who fought a non-violent … Read More

Digital Revolution in India

Digital Revolution in India

Evolution of technology has been the foundation stone of progress and has over the centuries changed the way societies function. Technological inventions have revolutionized each sector of the society by reducing human labour, brining efficiency and increasing productivity. Be it introduction of information communication technologies in education,… Read More

Assessing India Progress in Various Fields

Anshuman Bhargava

We are celebrating 70 years of our Independence.  But looking back at the history of these seven decades, what are the things which we should be proud of? Have we really progressed much and reached the level we should have in all these years?

The verdict will be divided. India is a land of a diverse population, with great variations in economic standards, having… Read More

Harnessing Inland Waterways for Greener Economy and inclusive growth

Archana Datta Mukhopadhyay

A sound and efficient transport infrastructure is the key to boosting economic growth and in turn, to alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development. Inland water transport system ensures both, by way of providing access, mobility and connectivity and generating employment at the grassroots with lesser environmental footprint and cost.… Read More

Breaking Inter-generational Cycle of Malnutrition & Optimising the IYCF Practices

Santosh Jain Passi

Malnutrition among populations – particularly the children, is an interplay of multiple factors like illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, large families, lack of resources including food/nutrition insecurity and poor access to health care services. Since long, our government’s endeavour has been to reduce morbidity/mortality rates by implementing… Read More

Can Assam become India’s sports hub? The overall sports scene of the region

Jyotirmoy Barpujari

The North Eastern states in India are home to some of India’s most recognised international players. People like M.C. Mary Kom with 2012 Olympics bronze medal and five world amateur-boxingchampion trophies, footballer Baichung Bhutia, boxer L. Sarita Devi with silver medal at the 2014Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Jayanta… Read More

India on the path to make affordable care available to all

Savita Verma

With Indian doctors’ prowess giving foreigners a confidence to seek treatment here, India has come a long way since independence in healthcare. The country has a booming medial tourism industry, coupled with improved score in health indicators like life expectancy, infant mortality and fertility rate. India now has a strengthened network of primary … Read More

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