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Biggest Digital Fair to showcase grassroots innovations


The Digital Empowerment Foundation in association with Digital India Program, along with hundreds of partners, are making an effort to bring together 10,000 to 15,000 people who are making use of digital tools, grassroots innovation, traditional wisdom, earth-saving initiatives and common sense science at Prayag. These individuals are expected to… Read More

Fear- the roadblock to transformation


Fear is never about the present. Fear is projected from the past or the future onto the present. We have been thought that world is competitive, but is it the truth? I believe the world is collaborative. We have never been thought that we are all connected. This bag of bones and flesh is connected to all bags.

Think of it. who are we? But are not the trees the same recycled… Read More

Haritha Gramam: Story of a Green transformation


Haritha Gramam is not just any story but it is the story of Peroorkada, a residential locality in Thiruvananthapuram city which went green by practicing effective waste management at its source.   Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala now has more than 3000 households which adopted this model as a message for waste management after its successful… Read More

Yes, India can have less-cash economy


India economy has been the pride of world. It has been showcased as the only growing economy – a proud moment for Indians particularly under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However a section of media and political parties differ. There have been some stories in the foreign media also sceptical of the decision. Has the worldview changed? Is that correct?… Read More

Rights based Empowerment-International Day for Persons with Disabilities


According to the Census 2011, there are 2.68 crores (2.21%) persons with disabilities in India, though according to some estimates, the actual number may be as high as five per cent of our population. However, there has been a paradigm shift in the approach towards the persons with disabilities (PWDs) during last some years. The government’s focus now is … Read More

Currency Demonetisation- Boon for the Real Estate & Housing

Vinod Behl-indian Bureaucracy

The Modi government’s surgical strike against black money by way of demonetisation of high value currency notes, is set to shake up the real estate sector, marked by transactions involving unaccounted money. The landmark move, may initially hit the sentiment of the sector facing slowdown, but in the medium to long term, the trailblazing initiative… Read More

30 funny ways Black Money Owners hit with Demonetization


PM Narendra Modi’s surgical strike on black  money by demonetization has got hoarders scurrying. Indians being ones blessed with above average brains, insensitivity and pro-activity, have chalked up various  ways to dispose Rs500/1000 notes. From dumping in river Ganga, drains, roadside dustbins to burning sacks of it to getting staff to stand … Read More

India: Revenge of the middle class- Guest Post


When I was in seventh grade (year 1987), I was the designated ‘gas cylinder replacement guy’ of the house. Loading the empty cylinder on my bicycle back tray (can’t call it a seat), tying it up, getting my house help (servant) holding on to it, we would both drag the cycle to the Gas agency, in hot forty degree sun, amidst dusty half-baked roads. After two-hour… Read More

Master stroke on black money to make India Swachch Bharat


The mid night scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes , as announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on November 8,  is being seen as a master stroke against black money and  corruption that has been eating into the Indian economy like a termite for several decades.  The sudden announcement of a decision which may be well… Read More

Prime Minister’s address to the Nation


My Dear Citizens,

I hope you ended the festive season of Diwali with joy and new hope. Today, I will be speaking to you about some critical issues and important decisions. Today I want to make a special request to all of you. You may recall the economic situation in May 2014 when you entrusted us with an onerous responsibility. In the context of BRICS, it was being … Read More

Mahatma Gandhi: A political trend-setter


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born in the middle of 19th century. We are in the 21st century, yet his memory lives with us. The Father of the Nation never ceases to amaze young and old how such a simple and humble human being like any one of us could reach such unattainable heights. His selfless deep thinking for the common good elevated him to such a peak. 

 When GandhiRead More

Swachhta Vidyalaya initiative by Department of School


The Prime Minister of India on 15th August, 2014 announced that all government schools in the country should have toilets with separate toilets for girls within one year.  The Prime Minister called upon the corporate sector to also participate in this national endeavour. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy… Read More